[Freeswitch-dev] Setting channel flags late

Richard Brady rnbrady at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 18:57:35 MSD 2013

Hi guys

A variable (e.g. liberal_dtmf) which has an underlying channel flag (e.g.
CF_LIBERAL_DTMF) or some other internal representation or associated state
can only be set at the beginning of the channel's lifetime, i.e. at the
start of the call.

What is the best place to add custom code to allow this to happen for a
particular variable while the call is in progress?

1. With a variable-specific command (e.g. "uuid_liberal_dtmf <uuid> true")

2. By modifying uuid_setvar to carry out some custom logic

3. With the addition of a new generic command, e.g. uuid_setvar_deep, which
could serve as a single point for folks to add their custom code, and to
return an error for any variable which is not explicitly supported.

Any thoughts?


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