[Freeswitch-dev] How to auto save voicemail message?

Muhammad Shahzad shaheryarkh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 03:52:59 MSK 2013


When a caller leaves a voicemail for callee using FS, an IVR is played to
the caller to press e.g. 1 to save the message, press 2 to listen to it ...
and so on. Is there any voicemail module parameter / variable we can set in
dialplan to skip this prompt entirely, simply save the message and hangup
if caller hasn't already hanged up.

Typically if somebody calls me on my cell and i am not available to pickup
the phone, call automatically sent to my voicemail box by my operator,
where caller can record his message and just hangup, without having to wait
for the IVR, give input to it and then hangup. Is the same behaviour
possible in FS voicemail module? Please help.

Thank you.

Muhammad Shahzad
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