[Freeswitch-dev] mod_spandsp load fails on raspbian (raspberry-pi)

Matteo mbrancaleoni at voismart.it
Mon Jan 21 12:40:23 MSK 2013


I've had some issue into loading mod_spandsp on Raspbian
( version 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian ) on a raspberry pi hw.

freeswitch compiled fine, but when loading mod_spandsp failed with error:

mod_spandsp.so: undefined symbol: lzma_stream_decoder**

after some investigation the culprit seems the build process
of fs shipped tiff lib, which includes the lzma libs (present
on raspbian) but at load fails finding symbols.

similar issue for jbig.

So I manually reconfigured fs tiff lib adding the flags
 --disable-jbig --disable-lzma , then rebuilt mod_spandsp itself
and everything started ok.

don't know if something is wrong in lzma/jbig shipped libs
on raspbian, or something wrong into the tiff linking process,
that's why I'm posting here and not on jira (yet)

Any idea / experience about that?

my raspbian installed package list is here:


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