[Freeswitch-dev] deliver_vm function in mod_voicemail.c does not pass all user's variables and parameters

Vik Killa vipkilla at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 16:09:02 MSK 2013

I'm experimenting with implementing a voicemail call page in mod_voicemail.c
I have some semi-working test code, I'm stuck though, on the fact that
the deliver_vm function does not get passed all of the mailbox user's
domain variables and parameters. It only receives the specific user's
variables and parameters. In my setup (and probably a lot of other
setups) in order for a call to originate out a carrier you probably
need some necessary directory variables (accountcode,
default_areacode, etc...)
I've been trying to hack a way to pass all the domain variables &
parameters to deliver_vm (specifically in the voicemail_inject
function) but I've gotten no where. I can see the parameters are
passed using "switch_event_t *my_params" which apparently retrieves
the data using 'switch_event_create(&my_params,
I have no clue how this function works or if there is a way for
SWITCH_EVENT_REQUEST_PARAMS to return ALL the user's (including the
domain's) variables and parameters. Please help me so I can improve
FreeSWITCH for everyone but adding this nice feature.
Any tips or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you again.

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