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William Suffill william.suffill at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 21:41:25 MSK 2013

Noticing issues being opened on GitHub instead of the project's JIRA. I
just replied to the most recent one.
"Freeswitch still doesn't actively used Github. Please open a ticket @
jira.freeswitch.org and then it will be reviewed by the core developers.
Freeswitch was only added to Github as a mirror of the project's
git.freeswitch.org repo's that have JIRA [jira.freeswitch.org] & Fisheye [
fisheye.freeswitch.org] for reporting issues and viewing code respectfully."


I'm wondering if it would be best to see how GitHub handles other open
source projects that are only mirrors of repositories elsewhere. I mean we
really don't need another place for issues to be open. I personally like to
be able to follow what happens with FreeSWITCH on GitHub along with other
projects I follow. I also know any issues shouldn't be reported there tho.

Otherwise should we give someone access to reply to these requests like I
did above and close them? Few Pull Requests open and a few issues.

-- W
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