[Freeswitch-dev] Dingaling does not retain payload IDs

Richard Screene richard.screene at netdev.co.uk
Tue Feb 12 14:03:46 MSK 2013


When FreeSWITCH receives a Jingle session-initiate message containing a Opus codec with a payload type of 111, it will respond with a session-accept.  But the session-accept will assign the payload type for Opus to 116.  For example:

2013-02-12 10:44:52.543318 [INFO] libdingaling.c:1747 RECV:
  <jin:jingle xmlns:jin="urn:xmpp:jingle:1" action="session-initiate" initiator="Richard at 127-0-0-1-852145229.xmpps.drum-collab" sid="3441545841">
    <content creator="initiator" name="audio">
      <description xmlns="urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:1" profile="RTP/SAVPF" media="audio">
        <payload-type id="103" name="ISAC" clockrate="16000"></payload-type>
        <payload-type id="104" name="ISAC" clockrate="32000"></payload-type>
        <payload-type id="111" name="opus" clockrate="48000"></payload-type>
        <payload-type id="0" name="PCMU" clockrate="8000"></payload-type>

2013-02-12 10:44:52.543318 [NOTICE] libdingaling.c:1749 SEND:
  <jin:jingle xmlns:jin="urn:xmpp:jingle:1" action="session-accept" sid="3441545841" initiator="Richard at 127-0-0-1-852145229.xmpps.drum-collab">
    <jin:content name="audio" creator="initiator">
      <rtp:description xmlns:rtp="urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:1" media="audio" ssrc="2585956684">
        <rtp:payload-type id="116" name="opus" clockrate="48000" ptime="48000" maxptime="48000">
          <rtp:parameter name="bitrate" value="32000"></rtp:parameter>

From my reading of XEP-0167 (Section 5) it would appear that FreeSWITCH should retain the payload ID that was present in the session-initiate and use it in the session-accept.

Is there a config flag to control this behaviour?  Is it intentional behaviour? Or is it a bug?

I could hack the payload type in the Opus module but we have another endpoint that insists on using a completely different payload type ID.

Many thanks,

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