[Freeswitch-dev] question about CNG on late packages

Xijing Dai dxj19831029 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 13:23:28 MSK 2013

Hey all,

Inside code

switch_rtp.c file:

   static int rtp_common_read(switch_rtp_t *rtp_session, switch_payload_t
*payload_type, switch_frame_flag_t *flags, switch_io_flag_t io_flags)
                 if (check || (bytes && !switch_test_flag(rtp_session,
if (!bytes && switch_test_flag(rtp_session, SWITCH_RTP_FLAG_USE_TIMER)) { /*
We're late! We're Late! */
if (!switch_test_flag(rtp_session, SWITCH_RTP_FLAG_NOBLOCK) && status ==

return_cng_frame();  <------- this lane to return cng frame if late.

Could someone explain why we want to return cng frame when package is late?
this is caused for me to hear very bad noise audio.

Can I disable return CNG frame?

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