[Freeswitch-dev] Lua script not working in Freeswitch

Joli Martinez mrjoli021 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 17:16:29 MSK 2013


I am trying to get a Lua script to read from mysql db and depending on result transfer call appropriately.  The script works correctly outside of FS, it connects to the DB and returns the correct results.  Once I incorporate it into FS the script fails. It cant find mysql,So after several hours of troublshooting.  I created a python script to pull the data from the db and return the results to the Lua script.  Again the script work correctly outside of FS once I have FS call the script the same variable the had values before are now Nil.

I believe it some type of environment or permissions issue, but not sure how to fix it.  All files are in the "freeswitch/scripts" directory and permissions are freeswitch owner, daemon group.
Freeswitch is running correctly, OS is CentOS 6.4

please help


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