[Freeswitch-dev] Patchs Jira and more....

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Wed Aug 21 20:43:43 MSD 2013

Hey Guys, there seems to be a rash of people uploading patchs to Jira lately
that just do not work...

So lets hit this one really quick...

1. if you are patching a generated File like the Makefile or configure
script make sure you are patching the files they are generated from... ie:
configure.in for configure...
2. don¹t try to diff 2 separate trees... Œgit diff >
/tmp/my.fancy.patch.txt¹ from the root of your fs source checkout will give
you a plain text file of the patch suitable for uploading to jira.
3. Please include all information you have on the jira and what
problem/feature the patch addresses. Don¹t just say ³here¹s a patch² and
expect someone to look at it without knowing what it is.
4. If a commiter comments on your jira that you need to freshen the patch
please do so in a timely fashion or your patch will go back to the bottom of
the queue as they will move on to something else... This isnt ignoring your
efforts, but developers tend to get distracted easily with new shiny objects
so getting back to them quickly helps tremendously.

These simple things will help keep the devs from going crazy!

Now for you guys that use git on a regular basis, before you blow a gasket,
yes this is very basic, and is intended to be so... Yes there are other (and
possibly arguable better ways to generate a patch, but this way is the
simplest for people not familiar with git)

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