[Freeswitch-dev] Jira Open Tickets and Patches (IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Fri Apr 19 17:31:42 MSD 2013

For the last several weeks Ray and myself have embarked on a weekly meeting
to go thru the outstanding tickets on Jira and work toward resolution on

We have asked for reporters to provide updated information on many of them
and a good number of those reporters have responded. To those that have
updated their tickets as requested Thank You!

To those ignoring the the requests for more information, if you have not
responded to requests for more information within 14 days, your ticket will
likely be closed unless you respond. This policy will be enforced on a
ticket by ticket basis. With the core team making the final call. At some
point in the future we will likely automate this process.

Now, that being said, the goal here is not to just reduce the number of open
tickets, but to make sure we are focusing efforts where we can actually do
something about it.

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