[Freeswitch-dev] Portaudio AEC take 2

João Mesquita jmesquita at freeswitch.org
Mon Apr 15 01:59:01 MSD 2013


I've been looking at an AEC solution to integrate on portaudio for the
softphones to take advantage of it and it seems like WebRTC has one that
could be used. I am not by any means an expert on the matter so before I
start hacking things, I would like to ask your opinion.

First of all, licensing... Is this license compatible?

If the license is compatible, where would be the best place to implement
it? I would definitely need some pointers.. I found out that Blink is using
it on PJMEDIA as this patch (
shows. PJMedia already has an interface for noise supression and AEC so I
guess it was "easy" to implement there. We would implement it as a media
bug or on the portaudio module itself?

Also, if anyone knows if this will bring good results, would be great! AEC
that just works is something that is really wanted on a softphone...

João Mesquita
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