[Freeswitch-dev] Development Info

Georgi Stefanov georgi_mei at abv.bg
Tue Apr 2 11:25:57 MSD 2013

 Hello All,
It is spring time (almost) again and as most of the things I need to reproduce or simply develop other kind of endpoint.

The purpose:

1.I need other kind of signaling, a protocol which is not supported by FS
2.The need is the call to enter into the dialplan and execute it (FS to execute the dialplan a call from other signalization point is received)

What I have done till now:

I started from http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Authoring_Freeswitch_Modules#Before_You_Begin...
I have used mod_sofia and mod_skypopen as reference
as result I am (the call is) into the dialplan now (using switch_core_session_execute_exten) but I can not deal properly with channel state callbacks and no RTP data is flowing/traveling/sending.
I have been given some hints to check-out rtp.c but now I think I need more info about creating channels and dealing with their states. Then I will need to deal with the RTP data
So if anyone have some clues and wants to share...I will be very glad 

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