[Freeswitch-dev] Possible bug in video code

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Mon Oct 1 13:39:21 MSD 2012


I found this surprising fragment in the sofia_glue.c routine 

        tech_pvt->adv_sdp_video_port = sdp_port;
        switch_channel_set_variable(tech_pvt->channel, SWITCH_LOCAL_VIDEO_IP_VARIABLE, tech_pvt->adv_sdp_audio_ip);
        switch_channel_set_variable_printf(tech_pvt->channel, SWITCH_LOCAL_VIDEO_PORT_VARIABLE, "%d", sdp_port);

I'm almost certain that "adv_sdp_audio_ip" should be "adv_sdp_video_ip",
except that it isn't there in mod_sofia.h; is this code assuming that Audio
and Video come from the same source?  I don't think this assumption will
remain valid with the advent of IPv6 and potential LAN-mounted camera's.

I am actually coding open source phone firmware that explicitly will pull
in networked media devices by passing on their direct IPv6 addresses.  This
could be as simple as a webcam on a host.

If you don't mind I'll leave it to the regular developers to judge and
fix this in the git repository.  I would like to learn the outcome.


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