[Freeswitch-dev] About the display problem during calling

sparklezou sparklezou at 163.com
Fri Nov 30 06:19:48 MSK 2012

Hi All,

I facing a strange problem.

Before, when calling Internal number, the name and number will both be displayed on the caller phone. When connected, only the name will display on the phone. At called phone, display the name and number. Seems fine.

But yesterday afternoon, when calling Internal number, only the number is displayed on the caller phone. When connected, display "Outbound Call" on the caller phone. At the called phone, everthing is the same. Display both the name and number.

I think, mabybe something configured wrong. So I try to restore back the configuration. seems the same. I have to re-install the last release stable version on another server. total fresh setting. But found the same problem.

I checked the sip info.

The "Outbound Call" is in the 200 SDP message. the called is set to 

""Remote-Part-ID: "Outbound Call" <sip: 1234 at a.b.c.d>; ....... "

Not the correct called name.

Is there anything wrong?

Please help me.



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