[Freeswitch-dev] Busy trigger implementation in mod_skinny

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:34:33 MSD 2012

(cc-ing freeswitch-dev)

Le 28 mars 2012 12:45, Konrad Wyrozumski <kwyrozumski at power.com.pl> a écrit :
> Hi Math,

Hi Konrad,

> I'm working on busy trigger for skinny mod for freeswitch. The thing I want
> to implement is ability to put phone into busy state, depending of some
> situations (hook off, call etc.). I saw your comments in
> mod_skinny.c:channel_on_routing_callback from commit:
> b8ac781c05443f8a269a5fba828bbbfd3d7873f3.
> Do you have any plans, or suggestions, where should this, or supposed to be
> implemented?

Please read http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Mod_skinny/Development#TODO
and keep in mind that some other features are closely related to Busy:
- CFwdAll, CFwdBusy, CFwdNoAnswer:
- DoNotDisturb: this also affects ringing
- Ring policies: they will be easily implemented once the busy state
is available
- "Better behavior (when: other leg busy, ...) ",
- maybe more

Of course, you don't need to implement all those at once.

> As far as I understand, this should be just after positive destination
> matching method?

There must be two things:
- set call state to busy accordig to various conditions (the busy
trigger) on the called phone (using switch_channel_hangup, around
skinny_ring_lines or related)
- handle this call state on the calling side (probably already done in
mod_skinny.c line 784, function channel_on_hangup_callback)

You can ask on @freeswitch-dev mailing list (or IRC), to code it the
right way (the busy management should work from and to mod_sofia

> Thanks for your response.

Thanks for you proposal ;-)

Once you have something working, put it in Jira. I will review and commit.

Mathieu Parent

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