[Freeswitch-dev] ODBC pooling

Erjan Tylepov e.tylepov at btcom.kz
Sun Mar 11 11:36:19 MSK 2012

I meant, that I pulled master branch on Feb 17 and the last commit I've received with that pull was as depicted below. To be exact, earlier I should say "commit cdcaedbf… as of 19th December of 2011".

Below I meant, that I do believe, that the module doesn't use pooling capability of FS. I.e. the module opens 1 connection on load and disconnects that connection on unload and in-between those two events it uses the same connection for all calls. Maybe I wrong.


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> I'm not sure what you mean, and the commit you're describing has nothing to
> do with mod_nibblebill - and it wasn't even commited on Feb 17..?
> Please describe the problem you're seeing, and why you think ODBC pooling is
> a bottle neck..
> /Peter

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