[Freeswitch-dev] sendevent NOTIFY with uuid - the tag from RINGING response is not copied to NOTIFY

Jon Bruel jbr at consiglia.dk
Tue Jun 19 18:07:16 MSD 2012

I have tested how I can control a SIP-phone receiving a call to go off-hook.  This is possible by sending a NOTIFY with the SIP Event-header set to talk.

My problem is that the NOTIFY message does not include exactly the same SIP To-header information as the FS received as a RINGING response to the INVITE: The tag from the RINGING response, which the phone adds to the SIP To-header, is not included in the NOTIFY. Snom-phones - and possibly other SIP phones as well, uses this tag in the SIP To-header to pinpoint the exact call to be answered.

The information is actually present before the NOTIFY is sent. I have tested it in the dialplan using the info application just before firing off the sendevent NOTIFY.

Is there any reason for this behaviour, which I should be aware of before dabbling with the code?

I have checked the mod_sofia.c code and have found the code which sends the NOTIFY (with the uuid, event and message type as input parameters):

if (uuid && ct && es) {
       switch_core_session_t *session;
       private_object_t *tech_pvt;
         //Jon changed: SIPTAG_SUBSCRIPTION_STATE_STR("terminated;reason=noresource") to SIPTAG_SUBSCRIPTION_STATE_STR("active")
       if ((session = switch_core_session_locate(uuid))) {
              if ((tech_pvt = switch_core_session_get_private(session))) {
                                      NUTAG_NEWSUB(1), SIPTAG_SUBSCRIPTION_STATE_STR("active"),
                                      SIPTAG_EVENT_STR(es), SIPTAG_CONTENT_TYPE_STR(ct), TAG_IF(!zstr(body), SIPTAG_PAYLOAD_STR(body)), TAG_END());

But in order to change the behaviour, I may need to look somewhere else. Some hints as to where to look would be appreciated!

Regards Jon

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