[Freeswitch-dev] video formats, playback and recording features

Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 17:36:19 MSD 2012

Hi there, 

As we have mod_fsv, mod_mp4v, mod_vlc, mod_dingaling, mod_rtmp, mod_rtsp, some already support video and some are possible.

In addition to p2p videos, I'd like to also get video playback, recording, eavesdroping working. So I did  some research and here's some quetions:

Basically there's two ways to support video

1) formats. formats support a large range of audios, but not videos. So it is possible to extend to add something like switch_file_read_video/switch_file_write_video etc. And also extend playback, record eavesdrop, fifo, esf_page_group ... to support video, and also need to extend video media_bug ... Video files like mp4 also including audio tracks

2) as the current solutions in modules on the top,  provide different tools like play_fsv, play_mp4, etc to add video support

The 2) perhaps natural as it goes, and 1) perhaps more elegant but may add complexity and possible resource/performance problems to pure audio usage?

Advice ?

Is there any interest to support video transcodings ?

btw, any working in progress of webrtc in FS ?  I saw this http://code.google.com/p/sipml5/ sounds cool.


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