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Michael, what about inviting Jeff Bates from Google to upcoming weekly

2012/7/30 Michael Collins <marketing at cluecon.com>

> Greetings from the FreeSWITCH team!
> Things have been busy with all of the ClueCon<http://www.cluecon.com/?cc12-0730>
>  preparations! We hope to see you in Chicago next week. In the meantime
> we are still doing our weekly conference calls. This past Wednesday we
> enjoyed a very nice demonstration by Dave Kompel (IRC: drk__) on how to
> implement Fail2Ban <http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Fail2ban?cc12-0730>-like
> functionality in a Windows environment. Dave's code is simple and elegant.
> If you missed the presentation then please download it here<http://torrents.freeswitch.org/conf_call_2012-07-25.torrent?cc12-0730>and listen to it. The source code is also
>  available <http://wiki.freeswitch.org/files/wftb.zip?cc12-0730>. This
> week we will be having a community discussion on several subjects, not the
> least of which is the interesting news that Google uses FreeSWITCH
> internally <http://bit.ly/GOOGandFS>.
> This is the last weekly news and notes before ClueCon. Next Monday I'll be
> sending this out *from Chicago**!* To the scores of people who have
> registered and sponsored us this year I would like to give a well-deserved
> thanks. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week. If you haven't
> yet registered <http://www.cluecon.com/register?cc12-0730> there is still
> time, but please hurry! The sooner we know you're coming, the better
> prepared we will be to take care of you when you arrive.
> Have a great week!
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