[Freeswitch-dev] Adding FS version and machine-readable uptime to heartbeat events

Daniel Swarbrick daniel.swarbrick at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 18:51:37 MSD 2012

Does anybody have any objections if I add the FS version string and a
machine-readable uptime to heartbeat events? Having the version string
available in the heartbeat just seems like a good idea considering that
we have other elements such as the core UUID and hostname in the event.
And having the uptime as a machine-readable int will make it easier for
monitoring apps to detect if the switch has rebooted (uptime goes
backwards), assuming they missed other events that may have indicated that.

I suggest using event header name "FreeSWITCH-Version" for the version.

I see that FS tracks uptime down to millisecond resolution. Is it really
this accurate? If so, then how about "Uptime-usec" ?

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