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Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 06:56:39 MSD 2012


libx264 encoded NALUs exceeding packet window and some phones don't like it so I need to manually split with FU-A, I tried frame->m but looks like all packets has marker = 1 even frame->m = 0;

by looking at mod_fsv.c, I added the following and generate my own rtp header

switch_set_flag((&vid_frame), SFF_RAW_RTP);
switch_set_flag((&vid_frame), SFF_PROXY_PACKET);

but looks like it doens't send my rtp header, switch_rtp.c has a check also on SWITCH_RTP_FLAG_RAW_WRITE which I don't see in mod_fsv.c

fwd = (switch_test_flag(rtp_session, SWITCH_RTP_FLAG_RAW_WRITE) && switch_test_flag(frame, SFF_RAW_RTP)) ? 1 : 0;

I also tried set SFF_RTP_HEADER, but it tends to send double as packets looks

if (switch_test_flag(frame, SFF_RTP_HEADER)) { in switch_rtp.c doesn't stop and what the purpose of this param?

Any highlights?


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