[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH Weekly News and Notes

Michael Collins marketing at cluecon.com
Mon Jul 2 21:52:58 MSD 2012

Welcome to July! We hope the leap second didn't crash any of your servers.
Some folks were not so fortunate<http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-18672173>

On last week's conference call we had an open discussion on topics chosen
by members of the community. One topic that got a fair amount of traction
was how to address NAT when FreeSWITCH has a public IP address and the
clients themselves are behind NAT. Dave Kompel shared his strategy of using
"aggressive-nat-detection" on the SIP profile and then optionally setting
"NDLB-connectile-dysfunction" for the directory entry. We also discussed
other topics like IPv6 and using FreeSWITCH in the cloud with Amazon. The
audio is available

Darren Schreiber's company, 2600hz, made a very interesting
"Kazoo BETA." This new cloud-based PBX solution uses a lot of
open source software under the hood, including FreeSWITCH. Stay tuned for a
more in-depth discussion with Darren about this new platform.

On the ClueCon front we are happy to report that many have taken advantage
of the fact that they can get 2^4 tickets (i.e. 16 tickets) for the
drawings at ClueCon 2012. The bits will shift at the end of the day
tomorrow, July 3, so don't delay! You can register quickly and easily
here<http://www.cluecon.com/register?cc12-0702>on the ClueCon site.
After July 3rd registrants will receive 2^3 or 8
tickets. Don't delay - we are giving away a total of ten 7" Android tablets
among many other prizes supplied by our

Only 35 days until ClueCon 2012!

Michael S Collins
ClueCon Team
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