[Freeswitch-dev] my problems on originating a new call and saying digits

Erjian Li eli at netspectrum.com
Thu Feb 23 13:27:51 MSK 2012

Hi All,

I  have a problem about he API command <originate>, so I'm here for some
help. Thanks in advance.

 In FreeSWITCH, I want to originate a call to a remote user, when the user
answers the call, FreeSWITCH will say some digits to the user. My command
is as following:
  freeswitch at internal>originate sofia/internal/8613302033450 at xx.xx.xx.xx:5060
'&say(en number iterated 12345678912345)'

After I execute this command, the destination cellphone rings, but when I
answer the call, the  digit string "12345678912345" has almost finished
saying, so I can't hear the complete digit string. In other words,  the
'say' application has been executed before the call is answered. This is
not what I expect. Could any one  give me some advice on what I should do ?
Or some other commands to meet my requirement? Any advice would be

BTW, if I originate a call to local user (e.g. 1005, which is the
preconfigured user account of FreeSWITCH), and say some digits, the
behavior is what I expect. For example, if I execute the below command:
freeswitch at internal>originate sofia/internal/1005% '&say(en
number iterated 12345678912345)'

 The digits "12345678912345" begin to be said right after I answer the call
(I use X-Lite as the soft phone). This is what I expect. But why the
behavior when with a remote user is different?

Best Regards

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