[Freeswitch-dev] Look for some advice on how to implement a FreeSWITCH controlling module

Erjian Li eli at netspectrum.com
Tue Feb 21 13:25:13 MSK 2012

Hi everyone,

I am developing software for a conference call product with FreeSWITCH as
IP PBX software, and I have some troubles on a module implementation.  So I
come here for some advice. Thanks in advance.

My requirement of the module:
I want to implement a controlling module (or separate program) for
FreeSWITCH, this module (or separate program) receives the admin messages
from a so-called admin server , parses the messages, and generates
FreeSWITCH commands according to the message data, then send these commands
to FreeSWITCH to execute (e.g. send a "conference dial ..." command to add
a member into the conference call). Also, this module (or separate program)
is required to listen the CHANNEL related events fired by FreeSWITCH, and
report the FreeSWITCH channel status to admin server.

My questions:
 I want to implement above functionality in a separate program. When
running this program communicates with FreeSWITCH via FreeSWITCH's event
socket library, is it applicable?  I don't have much knowledge about
FreeSWITCH's loadable module, is it better to implement it as a
FreeSWITCH's loadable module, like the modules in src/mod/applications?

Best Regards

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