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Gledhill, James james.gledhill at sipstorm.com
Mon Feb 20 20:05:01 MSK 2012

I have been trying to do the same thing as was asked in an earlier
question, but it was asked 10 months ago and I did not want to use the
same thread, as it went a different direction than my question. I
understood the concept of the answer, but I am not quite sure how to
implement it.  


I would like to make a call to another person (via FS), be able to
record parts of the call, and then play it back to both participants -
being able to use the features of uuid_fileman (pause, seek +/-, etc),
then record another part of the conversation, playback, etc.  


>From other searches, it was made clear that this had to be done with a
conference call.


===== From the previous thread Apr 18, 2011; 11:30am Re: conference play
/ stop / PAUSE/RESUME ====


Anthony Minessale II - wrote 


if you need this level of granularity, I suggest instead of the 

conference play stuff that is built in, that you use the originate 

command to call a new channel into the conference to play the file 

then use the uuid_fileman api command to manipulate the playback. 



On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 1:33 PM, Dale Trub <[hidden email]> wrote:


> We let the conference host play a file to the conference and want to

> them a control to "pause" such a file, and then resume it. 

> Has anyone found a way to do this? 

> Would someone create something like that for a modest bounty?  We

> incorp in the code we use, as well as submit to the project overall. 

> -Dale


======= End Previous thread quoted =========


Does anyone have an example of this?  I would like to implement it is
either dailplan or LUA, but Javascript or anything else would be good


I have tried a number of different ways and have not gotten it to work.


*       I may not be doing "use the originate command to call a new
channel into the conference to play the file" properly.  Suggestion on


One thing I tried was in LUA.  Session1 is the original call-ER,
Session2 is the call-ED party - both sessions are (1&2) are
uuid_transer-ed to a conference bridge.

*           api:execute("uuid_transfer", session1:get_uuid() .. "
conf_11_111 XML callRecPlayback" );

*           api:execute("uuid_transfer", session2:get_uuid() .. "
conf_11_111 XML callRecPlayback" );


*           session3 =

*           session3:setAutoHangup(false);

*           freeswitch.consoleLog("info","\n\n    SEssion 3 == "..
session3:get_uuid() .."  \n\n");


*           session:execute("bind_digit_action",
"cool,444,api:uuid_broadcast," .. session3:get_uuid() .. "
ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav both");



The bind_digit_action works and calls the api, but fs_cli reports
CHANNEL_KILL on the loopback channel, and I do not hear anything


2012-02-20 10:19:09.381934 [DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:3405 RTP RECV DTMF 4:640

2012-02-20 10:19:09.681942 [DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:3405 RTP RECV DTMF 4:640

2012-02-20 10:19:09.981952 [DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:3405 RTP RECV DTMF

2012-02-20 10:19:09.981952 [DEBUG] mod_dptools.c:185
sofia/callRecPlayback/1004 at Digit match binding
ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav both]

2012-02-20 10:19:09.981952 [DEBUG] switch_core_session.c:1012 Send
signal loopback/conf_11_111-a [BREAK]

2012-02-20 10:19:09.981952 [DEBUG] mod_loopback.c:475
loopback/conf_11_111-a CHANNEL KILL

2012-02-20 10:19:09.981952 [DEBUG] mod_dptools.c:244
sofia/callRecPlayback/1004 at Digit match binding
ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav both] api executed, +OK Message Sent




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