[Freeswitch-dev] Increasing Packetization time for g729 codec

Arif Hossain freefall1986 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 15:30:28 MSK 2012

I have tested that the packetization time (ptime) for g729 codec does go
beyond 50ms. I want to modify the code so freeswitch can repacketize the
rtp stream upto 200 ms.

What i'm trying to achieve is :

client-----150ms------>FREESWITCH------20m-------->IPTDM Terminations


IPTDM termination------20ms---->FREESWITCH-------->200ms--->client.

First one can be done through configuration. But second one is not yet
possible for my test environment.

I'm using sangoma codec card. It supports packetization time upto 200ms.

So please help me with some pointers about the freeswitch codebase to
achieve this. After modifying i will submit the patches. I have not
filed any bug report yet. I'm going to do that tod

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