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Peter Olsson peter.olsson at visionutveckling.se
Thu Aug 23 19:08:08 MSD 2012

I believe the event only arrives when they are actually talking to each other, and that is when both parties are answered. However, it's totally valid to do uuid_bridge if at least one call is answered.


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I am expecting a "Channel_Bridge" event when I issued "uuid_bridge" command between two call legs (one call is active and answered and other call is in ringing state), but I am not getting this event. I tried using fs_cli.exe to view the events. Only when other party answered, then I could see Channel_Bridge event.

Can someone help me in understanding why I am not getting this event when Bridge command is issued?

As per uuid_bridge command wiki, call should get bridged if at least one party is answered and active.

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