[Freeswitch-dev] SLA lights not working on some inbound calls

Don Dawson don.dawson at voice-ring.com
Wed Aug 22 08:31:34 MSD 2012

I have 3 Cisco SPA504G phones connected to Freeswitch using the SLA 
feature.  Everything seems to work except for inbound calls, some calls 
the lights are proper and others the lights are wrong.

I have 3 phones sharing extension 122.  The call sequence to demonstrate 
the behavior of the lights, from a fourth phone, I dial 122 and all 3 
phones ring with the x122 line key blinking.  If I answer the phone that 
is first in the list of INVITEs to x122, then the other 2 phones work 
properly with their x122 line key blinking indicating an answered call. 
However if I answer on the phone that was the 2^nd or 3^rd INVITE, then 
the line key lights for the other 2 phones go out indicating an idle 
line (it should show an active line).

Looking at the SIP trace, for the call that worked properly, there are 3 
INVITEs to the phone, 200 OK from the phone that answered (which is the 
phone that was the target of the first INVITE), CANCEL to the other 2 
phones, then the key part, the NOTIFYs are sent with 

When I answer with one of the other 2 phones, the SIP trace shows that 
same sequence EXCEPT the NOTIFYs have appearance-state=idle.

I tried this with the latest get, version 1.2.1 and a get from about 9 
months ago.  All have the same issue.All phones register using domain name.

Here is a portion of the SLA debug showing 'idle' that when works the 
call_info_state is 'active':
2012-08-21 14:52:13.081302 [ERR] sofia_presence.c:1249 STATE SQL update 
sip_dialogs set call_info='appearance-index=1',call_info_state='idle' 
where hostname=.......................

What should I try?

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