[Freeswitch-dev] mod_esf ignores client BYE

Lesley Pervis lesley.pervis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 22:25:25 MSD 2012

I've discovered a bug with multicast paging that affects phones (like
Cisco/Linksys/Sipura) that listen for multicast session control packets to
hang up. Sniffing on the FreeSWITCH shows that FreeSWITCH does not respond
to caller BYE on hangup, but waits five minutes before timing out waiting
for media. It then sends its own BYE and  sends multicast session control
packets. For those five minutes, mod_efs is stuck continuing in a for(;;)
loop and phones that count on hearing the multicast session control packets
stay in session.

The problem is with FreeSWITCH not replying to client BYE. I don't think
the problem is necessarily in mod_esf, but currently this is beyond my
ability to troubleshoot further. If anyone has an intuition on how to
proceed, please let me know.

I've raised a bug report in JIRA and it's been auto-assigned, but I haven't
seen an indication it's been acknowledged. The bug is here:


I've attached pcap and logs to the bug report.
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