[Freeswitch-dev] FreeTDM delay reconnecting E1/T1

Glaucio Vaz de Mello gvmello at yx.cl
Thu Oct 13 20:27:26 MSD 2011


   I have a question for FreeTDM experts.
   When I have a T1/E1 ISDN-PRI link connected through Sangoma card, I can
check signalling and physical status using this command:
> ftdm sangoma_isdn show_spans wp1
span:wp1 physical:OK signalling:UP

   Unplugging E1/T1 cable some alarms are raised, but show_spans command
still returns "OK" and "UP".
   After some time (more than one minute) I get the disconnected status:
> ftdm sangoma_isdn show_spans wp1
span:wp1 physical:ALARMED signalling:DOWN

   Using sangoma wanpipemon command I can get disconnected status
# wanpipemon -i w1g1 -c Ta
Loss of Signal:    ON

   My question is why FreeTDM takes this big delay to detect a disconnected
cable? Is there a way to reduce this time?
   The same happens when I reconnect the cable, FreeTMD takes a minute or
more to detect it.

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