[Freeswitch-dev] lua executing application after hangup

succer110 at tiscali.it succer110 at tiscali.it
Fri Oct 7 16:13:16 MSD 2011

Hi, 	I'm writing some part of dialplan in lua and after bridge a have to execute an application.
I receive this: "Channel is hungup, aborting execution of application: antani-postdial". 
Of course i've tried all the kind of app interface flags.my dialstring contains right variable:2011-10-07 13:07:51.817103 [DEBUG] switch_event.c:1168 Parsing variable [continue_on_fail]=[true]2011-10-07 13:07:51.817103 [DEBUG] switch_event.c:1168 Parsing variable [hangup_after_bridge]=[false]
in the docs i can find "SAF_ZOMBIE_EXEC" but it's not in my switch_types.h

what can i do to exec my postdial application in my lua?
dialstring="{ignore_early_media=true,originate_timeout=90,continue_on_fail=true,hangup_after_bridge=false}"..dialstringlocal sessionB = freeswitch.Session(dialstring);freeswitch.bridge(session, sessionB)session:execute("antani-postdial", i);

Thank you! =)

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