[Freeswitch-dev] is there any info abount which git tag/ Freeswitch release is stable?

Tom Parrott tomp at tomp.co.uk
Mon May 9 22:37:32 MSD 2011


I work for a company selling call tracking services, and we have 
recently put into production a 3 node Freeswitch cluster to use features 
such as call recording and call announce.

We are using the event socket feature to control freeswitch from our 
custom written service.

I have found Freeswitch a pleasure to use, and much easier to get along 
with than Asterisk.

However one thing that has concerned me is the lack of regular 
point-in-time releases.

When putting services in production, we use RPMs to allow us to easily 
upgrade (and if need be rollback) software versions.

The 1.07 version available at http://latest.freeswitch.org seems to be 
rebuilt each night, does this mean that a 1.07 built yesterday is 
different from one built today?

If I can offer any assistance with the automation of point-in-time 
tagged releases I would be happy to help, as I feel this would make 
Freeswitch more attractive to commercial operations as it would easily 
fit into well defined release processes.


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