[Freeswitch-dev] is there any info abount which git tag/ Freeswitch release is stable?

Daniel Bryars daniel.bryars at aeriandi.com
Sun May 8 01:47:58 MSD 2011

I don't think it's impossible - just difficult. My view is based on my experience where we "almost" continuously deploy our web sites to our live environment; we continuously deploy after every check in (waiting 15 minutes for a quiescent period) to stage and then manually push to live weekly (it used to be ad hoc, now it's every week, I hope soon it will be every day). To do this we've needed key unit tests (not full coverage by any means) and automated regression testing.  And, most importantly, a change in developer mind set (we now know that as soon as we check in some code it's going to wind itself up on a live machine with live customers without any QA team to rely on).

We're building a new solution with FS (on Windows) and ideally would like to adopt the same strategy. Ideally I don't want a "stable release" I want to always pull the latest version and run that in production.

Right now for our FS project we've got the build process deploying to our stage environment (no live customers yet) using some Powershell scripts and Microsoft Web Deploy. We intend to build on this over the next 4 to 6 weeks. The plan is to pull from GIT, apply our own regression tests and if they pass push out to live (automatically).

Currently we have plans to test only the functionality which we actually use - but depending on how things go I'm up for increasing the coverage and providing the results of our tests publicly. Perhaps this will provide a useful guide to the current state of the build and help provide what you're asking for (but I can only do this on Windows.)

I'll keep you posted with our progress, (and I'll also be at the next ClueCon conference - if you're going then perhaps we can have a little brainstorm then.)


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Guys, here is a little bit of critics,

There is no info - what version of freeswitch should be used in production.
the wiki pages


says that latest GIT is "very" stable, but in 5 pulls i did, 2 times I immediately hit regressions:
first time - non working DNS resolver in mod_sofia second - broken ESL outbound (as of this night)

at the same time, it's mentioned that 1.0.6 is not the "latest stable"
anymore, but in files, there is only 1.0.6

so it would be very helpful if there is some way to find out, what is the latest GIT tag or release could be downloaded to be usable, it's just not possible while in development, to have GIT always stable. None can do it, so there really should be atleast "testing" tag/brunch, which is known working over serveral weeks (debian testing can be an example)

Hope this piece of critics not insults anyone, FS is a great stuff, Regards, Anton.

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