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Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Tue May 3 04:27:44 MSD 2011

We have a server that currently no load, it's in Softlayer and let me know your pubkey if you want to use that. Also let me know how long you want to use that, a few weeks is fine.

It's Ubuntu Karmic 64bit.

Perhaps I don't have time to review all the chapters, but still would like to review and contribute ideas for the recipe book.


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On Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 3:04 AM, Michael Collins wrote: 
> Hello all!
> The response to my request for reviewers is overwhelming - thank you so much! We have more than enough reviewers. However, any of you who wish to read the draft and offer feedback are still welcome to do so. You just won't be "official" Packt reviewers. 
> I'd like to focus attention on testing resources. For those of you who have data center resources and such I would like to ask for your assistance. It would be helpful to have a spare server (low power == okay, cuz it's only for a few simultaneous calls max) with a DID & public IP address. This will help us test various scenarios and make sure that we can do box2box and NAT scenarios. 
> Please contact me off list if you have any servers, DIDs, etc. that could be used for this purpose.
> Thanks again to everyone who has volunteered to help! I would much rather have to sift through dozens of emails from people who want to help than have to keep begging and have no one step up. ;) You guys are awesome - keep up the good work. 
> -MC 
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