[Freeswitch-dev] How to dial out from an existing conference?

Jean-Pierre Poulin jeanpierrepoulin at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 01:58:48 MSK 2011

Hi Michael...

(I am indeed kicking myself at every word as I write this email)

I works!  Many thanks for taking the time... this has stumped me for days... the 
error message about 'one legged calls' really threw me off on that one!

Thanks again for taking the time and have a great day!

From: Michael Collins <msc at freeswitch.org>
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Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-dev] How to dial out from an existing conference?

You are gonna kick yourself when you hear the answer... 

You don't dial this: 

sofia/internal/1001 at

You dial one of these:

See this wiki page about the anatomy of a sofia dialstring:

I didn't catch this at first because I just naturally did the "user/xxxx" 
syntax. (I always use the "user/xxxx" syntax when calling a registered user on 
my own box, which it appears you are also doing with user 1001.) Keep in mind 
that of 1001 is not a registered user then you can't use "user/1001"...


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 12:14 PM, Jean-Pierre Poulin 
<jeanpierrepoulin at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi all,
>I am attempting to initiate an outgoing call from a valid conference, and after
>over 10 hours of head scratching trying many things on two different builds I
>have not been able to do so.
>Has anyone been able to initiate calls from conference rooms to invite another
>extension to the conference?
>I have tried your suggested commands and they give me the same error messages 
>“conference dial”
>According to the docs, I should be able to initiate an outgoing call to a
>registered extension with a command like “conference 3000- dial
>sofia/internal/1001 at>
>My setup is as follows:
>- Latest version of the latest Freeswtich installed on Windows 7 / 64
>bit. (version reports "FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.head (git-cab1565 2010-05-18
>10-42-16 -0400)")
>- All configuration settings are at their defaults, including the
>- By registering an extension 1001 with X-lite on the main computer,
>and extension 1002 on another computer, both can call each other normally and
>join conferences together and everything works great.
>- Thinking this could be an X-lite issue, I have also registered
>extension 1004 on Bria on iPhone 4 and it can connect directly to the others, 
>connected by the other extensions and can connect fine to conference calls.
>For my application I need Freeswitch conferences to be able to dial out to 
>registed phones.  After reading the docs, studying the dialplan, I have still
>been unable to do so after a half-day of trying various permutations and am
>currently grasping at straws… (I am currently compiling Freeswtich for Linux to
>see if it works there)
>I have also tried the following commands as you suggested:
>- originate sofia/internal/1004 at &conference(3300-
>- originate sofia/internal/1004 at
>&conference(3300- at default)
>- originate sofia/internal/1004 at conference:3300 at default inline
>- originate sofia/internal/1004 at
>conference:3300- at default inline
>But in all cases to any registered phones on 3 machines get an error as
>“NO_USER_RESPONSE” and “Cannot Blind Transfer 1 Legged Calls” as the log entry
>below reveals.
>Should I try this whole thing in Freeswitch on Linux?
>   Jean-Pierre
>---------------------- Example log below:
>freeswitch at JPM> conference 3000- dial
>sofia/internal/1002 at
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.407892 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:675 New Channel
>sofia/internal/1002 at [0b7f1ab1-2251-4bfb-946e-e5fc639a09b9]
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.410892 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:675 New Channel
>sofia/internal/0000000000 at [0a64217d-e1ff-4da8-a0b3-e84546f2e029]
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.467895 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:331 Processing
>FreeSWITCH->1002 in context public
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.471896 [ERR] sofia.c:5413 Cannot Blind Transfer 1 Legged
>Call Requested: result: [NO_USER_RESPONSE]
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.472896 [NOTICE] sofia.c:4836 Hangup
>sofia/internal/1002 at [CS_CONSUME_MEDIA] [NO_USER_RESPONSE]
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.473896 [ERR] mod_conference.c:4597 Cannot create outgoing
>channel, cause: NO_USER_RESPONSE
>freeswitch at JPM> 2011-03-18 17:43:14.544900 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1188
>Session 43 (sofia/internal/1002 at Ended
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.544900 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1190 Close Channel
>sofia/internal/1002 at [CS_DESTROY]
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.570901 [NOTICE] switch_core_state_machine.c:185
>sofia/internal/0000000000 at has executed
>the last dialplan instruction, hanging up.
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.570901 [NOTICE] switch_core_state_machine.c:187 Hangup
>sofia/internal/0000000000 at [CS_EXECUTE] [NORMAL_CLEARING]
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.572901 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1188 Session 44
>(sofia/internal/0000000000 at Ended
>2011-03-18 17:43:14.572901 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1190 Close Channel
>sofia/internal/0000000000 at [CS_DESTROY]
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