[Freeswitch-dev] ASR from Freeswitch to MS Speech Server [using MRCP Connector] - Audio Problem

Michel Habib michelhabib at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 12:55:32 MSK 2011

Hello All,
I have MS OCS Speech Server 2007 [working correctly, as i can make SIP calls
and use its ASR and TTS Services successfully]
I am also using MRCP Connector from AumTech - which allows me to use ASR and
TTS Services through an MRCP Client .
Now, i am using Freeswitch mod unimrcp to use ASR and TTS.

for TTS, I can successfully make the call, the Audio RTP of the TTS voice is
transferred succesfully from Speech Server [through MRCP Connector] back to
the Freeswitch Server.
However, Freeswitch is not sending back the Audio RTP to the SIP client.

for ASR, I can successfully define the grammar and start recognition, but
the audio RTP sent to speech server [through MRCP Connector] is silent

I am suspecting something is wrong with the RTP Configuration - can you help

Let me now if you need any specific logs/scripts/configuration?

Thank you,
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