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Tue Mar 1 20:18:29 MSK 2011


I just want to give a reminder that we have a growing community and we
want to put our resources to their best use.

Here are some important things to consider.  Many of you are already
doing these things so if you already are, thank you, please help
encourage others to follow your example.

1) We have a bug/issue tracker site using JIRA: http://jira.freeswitch.org
This site is for reporting and discussing issues.
Please use this tool to keep track of issues you have.  Even if it's
not a bug we can easily close it tagged "not a bug".
Also please help out when you can by reviewing this site to see if you
can provide answers to other people.

2) If you see someone complain about the WIKI please remind them that
anyone can edit the WIKI and if it's wrong we can clean it up. It
takes longer to complain about the wiki than it does to edit it to be
correct or add the missing info.  That is the idea behind wikis.

3) Please take the time to provide answers to any questions you may
know when perusing the list.  The more people who help the less work
it is to keep everyone informed.

4) Take the time to test the latest development build.  Its better to
find bugs before we release than after.  People tend to anchor
themselves to the "official" releases and never try the BETA versions.
 The sad truth is the tagged release will begin to build a large list
of known bugs starting 30 seconds after its tagged.  You don't have to
run HEAD in production every morning but you should stay up to speed
with what's going on with the software and help to produce a stable
release that truly is stable.

5) We will be branching 1.0 so it will slow down and taper off from
upstream patches from HEAD.  Anyone who wants to help maintain that
via JIRA and GIT should let us know.  Once we branch, most of our
attention will still be focused on HEAD and only critical patches or
bug fixes will be shared between 1.0 and 1.2 and we will rely on those
interested in slower paced development to help keep that code base in

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