[Freeswitch-dev] Issue with format value 19 in SDP

Suneel Papineni Suneel.Papineni at mettoni.com
Fri Jun 24 15:13:54 MSD 2011



I am facing an issue with SDP. FS is getting an INVITE with media
parameters in SDP as "m=image 23456 udptl t38". For this FS is
responding with "m=image 0 udptl 19" in its 183 response. This is
correct as per RFC's. 


Unfortunately my ITSP is expecting the same format what it is sent (i.e.
t38 instead of 19). Is there any way in Freeswitch I can specify to the
send same format values in response. 


I tried to look into the code, it is mentioned that 19 is used as it is
not used by anybody it is used. (sdp_print.c in libsofia_sip_ua_static


Could someone please help me how to send all format values that were
send in INVITE. Of course according to SDP standards it is enough to
send one value. I want to know how to send at least one value which is
same as sent in INVITE.


Thanks & Regards



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