[Freeswitch-dev] mod_rtmp

Stephen Dame sdame at 207me.com
Wed Jul 13 19:37:50 MSD 2011

Great module. mod_rtmp   , 


I almost have it working.


I'm connecting to freeswitch thru mod_rtmp   using the flex client.  but
unclear to how the username password works for authentication.  Doesn't look
like anyplace in rtmp.conf.xml or the .html, or .mxml to set?


Using fs_cli -  It nets connects fine. looks like digits are received,  but
not sure how to configure or use default username or password so it can
login to make a call.


Also question on  rtmp://myserver/phone  should the profile in rtmp.conf.xml
match the rtmp name /phone?


Any tips appreciated.  Trying to get this working with BigBluebutton.


Will document a tutorial when finished.






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