[Freeswitch-dev] switch_core_sqldb.c

Robert Huddleston rhuddleston at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 23:39:53 MSD 2011

Wondering if I should log this to Jira?

Looks like a recent code addition - so not sure protocol here - also never having logged a Jira before.

In switch_core_sqldb.c there are some PRAGMA calls.

I'm finding that in my MYSQL unixODBC environment - these PRAGMA calls are causing syntax errors.

I'm not familiar with the syntax - I've seen equivalents on MS-SQL and Oracle etc - but never seen such on MYSQL.


Any ideas?

        switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.event_db, "PRAGMA synchronous=OFF;", NULL);
        switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.event_db, "PRAGMA count_changes=OFF;", NULL);
        switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.event_db, "PRAGMA temp_store=MEMORY;", NULL);
        switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.event_db, "PRAGMA journal_mode=OFF;", NULL);

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