[Freeswitch-dev] Freeswitch and Google PUSH (C2DM)

Nacho leucaruth at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 15:48:36 MSD 2011

Hello all.

My name is Jose. This is my first post here. I joined the list because I was
wondering about developing a feature for Freeswitch and I would like to know
your opinion.

The idea is about making a non-persistent client for cell phones that works
with PUSH technology (C2DM and Android for example). These clients wouldn't
be connected to the Freeswitch server at first, but if there is an incoming
call, the Freeswitch server would send a PUSH message to these clients, the
client would process it and, if accepted by the user, the client would
awake, connect to Freeswitch and then receive the the call invite message
and accept it automatically.

I don't know if this idea is plausible due to the real time restrictions we
have to face in phone calls. If the delay introduced by C2DM delivery is
high, the waiting time for the caller is probably something that he isn't
willing to accept in order to get his call answered.

Another question is about the battery life time it would save because the
application woulnd't need to be answering the "still alive" ACKS from

I'm new in freeswitch developing and still learning about it, but I'm really
interested in this, so any help would be kindly appreciated.

Aquellos que hablan son esclavos de sus palabras y los que callan dueños de
su silencio.
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