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Abdul Hakeem alhakeem at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 12:48:31 MSD 2011

Which protocol will this chat/sms dialplan be compliant with ?.
Sip MESSAGE method , SIMPLE and XMPP are both widely adopted.
It would be great to add support for connectivity to external domains such as
Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc.

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Hello Freeswitch-dev!

I've recently begin modifying Sofia to support a chat "dialplan", very
similar to the voice dialplan. Basically, a chat/sms will come in at a
certain number/address and be routed via the dialplan. My current plan
for doing this is as follows:

1) Add message events to sofia: I want sofia (and eventually all chat
clients) to send message events through FS's event framework when an
event arrives.
2) Remove message routing from Sofia: Sofia should not be routing
messages itself. Instead, it should just generate the event saying a
message has arrived and someone else should do the routing (namely my
3) Implement a simple chat dialplan module that listens for message
events and routes them according to an XML dialplan.

I have some questions for the FS developer community.

First, building my own module is conceptually simple. Modifying Sofia
is not. What's the best way to go about making these changes? I could
submit extension tickets (e.g., a configuration variable that adds
messages and one that removes routing), or submit patches, or both. I
think this could be broadly useful, and I want to try to contribute to
the community.

Secondly,  I'm having a little difficulty finding the place where
messages are routed in sofia. That's probably the place to insert both
1 & 2. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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