[Freeswitch-dev] switch_xml_config.c

Gilles Depatie gilles.depatie at mapleworks.com
Wed Jan 26 23:24:33 MSK 2011



I'm running into what appears to be a questionable range interpretation
issue in switch_xml_config_parse_event function.


When enforce_min and enforce_max are TRUE should the value not be inclusive
of MIN and MAX?


Say a value range of min = '0' and max = '1000', should values of 0 and 1000
not be acceptable?


The current statement:

                        if ((int_options->enforce_min && !(intval >
int_options->min)) || (int_options->enforce_max && !(intval <

excludes those values presently


The error message seems to imply that the range is inclusive of the min and
max values


I've had a look at the latest git version or the file and in this respect
nothing has changed from the version I am currently using


Gilles Depatie, Senior S/W Designer, MapleWorks Technology
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