[Freeswitch-dev] Display update after consult transfer to bridge/loopback app

Beeton, Carolyn (Carolyn) cbeeton at avaya.com
Tue Jan 25 00:05:34 MSK 2011

I have an application defined in the dialplan, accessed through a "bridge" to a loopback socket application so that consult transfer to it works correctly.  If I dial it directly on a Polycom set, the set displays "Outbound Call/<port>async full".  I can overcome this by exporting the callee_id_name/number variables in the dialplan.  However, if I transfer a set to this application via consult transfer, the set ends up with a "Outbound Call/app=socket:..." display and I can't figure out how to get it to show the name/number of the application.  Any ideas?  I'm running on today's git latest (6294bc1620c).

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