[Freeswitch-dev] Processing Live Audio during a call between 2 extensions

David Knell dave at 3c.co.uk
Sun Jan 16 03:48:24 MSK 2011

Hi Michel,

If it really needs to be an external application, then have a look at
the docs (such as they are) for unicast here:

Cheers --


> Dear Freeswitch Developers, i am relatively new to freeswitch and i am
> seeking some advice.
> I am creating an External Application that does some [live] processing
> on the Audio of the freeswitch call before sending it to the second
> Call Leg, and vice versa.
> Can you please direct me to the best way to do that and how to
> access/capture the live audio channel in both legs while it is
> streaming, and how to resubmit it again to the other leg?
> I read the book about freeswitch, but still couldnt figure the best
> approach to do that, any hint is appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Michel Habib.
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