[Freeswitch-dev] ASR from Freeswitch to Loquendo - No Audio passed to MRCP Server

Michel Habib michelhabib at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 13:42:40 MSK 2011

Dears, I am seeking expert advice on setting up Freeswitch to Loquendo MRCP
I have freeswitch on one computer, configured for MRCP V1 - Loquendo Speech
Suite 7.
I have Loquendo set-up on the other computer - with MRCP V1 Profile.
Using a simple lua script driving my extension, I can successfully:-
- establish the connection to Loquendo Server.
- define grammar
- compile grammar successfully.
- Begin Recognition
Then it waits forever until i hangup the call.

Looking at the Wireshark Traces, the RTP packets are transferred succesfully
from softphone to freeswitch [i could hear my voice on the playback]
But, when playing back the RTP packets between freeswitch and Loquendo,
there is only deep silence [same thing with audio dump created by Loquendo].

Can you direct me where to troubleshoot this on the Freeswitch side? I will
be more than happy to provide any logs you need to resolve this.

Thank you,
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