[Freeswitch-dev] C# problem for calling "freeswitch.switch_core_session_read_frame()"

Frankie Yiu yky1628 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 8 06:46:32 MSK 2011

Hi there,

I would like to dial a phone number, and read the RTP package back when 
connected so that we can analyze the data; (to determine when we should play an 
audio at the right time--human or answer machine.)

We found a code for IVR 
test (http://docs.freeswitch.org/switch__ivr_8c-source.html) Function name: 

We would like to do the same but with C# code, but we encountered a problem when 
calling the function "freeswitch.switch_core_session_read_frame(  ) " 

< in swig.cs

switch_core_session_read_frame(SWIGTYPE_p_switch_core_session session, 
SWIGTYPE_p_p_switch_frame frame, uint flags, int stream_id)   >

where the second parameter--frame is a pointer to pointer of switch_frame 
type and in C# code, it is having a difficulty passing an object to the C++ side 
and keep the pointer place holder before going deeper into the C code 

1) So is there any way I can call this function in C#?
2) Is there another function or routine that you can suggest me to for reading 
RTP package?



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