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Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 09:08:02 MSK 2011


We are working on msrp support in FS. With the following patch to lib sofia,  the msrp SDP can deliver to mod_sofia



1) should I submit this to our jira or to the the sofia team? Any suggestions on the patch?

2) As FS is a B2BUA, so I think it would be endpoint-to-endpoint bridge, then we need start TCP/MSRP thread to handle media

a.  It should more like video handling or more like fax ? That means to hack bridge code to also handle msrp, or should we implement api like tx_fax/rx_fax vs tx_msrp/rxmsrp?

b.  for text over msrp, is it possible to routing the chatplan like mod_sms

c.  the first stage would be just endpoint to endpoint, shoud we implement relay ? or even switch mode for conference? I'm very new to msrp.  

3) we found a msrp lib from http://confiance.sourceforge.net/ . It's GPL, I know it's not license compatible, but as I learned from previous  talk about video, the code can put elsewhere and we just implement the logic to hook them on. Or other lib we could use?

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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