[Freeswitch-dev] Multicast listen for FS?

Drew Terenzini drew_terenzini at wesleycloversolutions.com
Sat Dec 3 07:49:04 MSK 2011


            Good morning, I'm working on an integration of ETC speakers with
FS (a stripped down install of FS running on Ubuntu 10.4).  The speakers in
use are Multicast-capable only (PCMU, PCMA, and G.729 codecs) and I've
successfully gotten to broadcast audio from FS out through the speakers
using a multi-cast paging group (PCMU).  However, I'm not able to _receive_
multicast audio into FS and send into a conference or to other (non-speaker)
attached devices.  Tcpdump confirms that multicast packets from the speakers
are seen at the eth0 interface on the Ubuntu 10.4 box.


            I've scoured the docs, the Wiki and the mailing lists, without
success.  Is there a multicast listening module that I've not yet found or
am I chasing a concept that is not yet developed?  Thanks for any help you
could provide.

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