[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH Janitorial Items

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Fri Aug 19 23:43:09 MSD 2011

Hello all!

We have need of your skills with a few sub-projects. Sorry, nothing
glamorous, just some behind-the-scenes work. First off, I need to know if
anyone out there has experience with UberCart for Drupal. If so, please
contact me off list so we can discuss the items I need help with.

Secondly, I have a housekeeping task. We have some new "standard vocabulary"
files for Callie US English. We need to add them to phrase_en.xml. However,
there are quite a few of them and some of them are the same recording with a
different inflection. For example, the inflection on the words "one" and
"message" are different in these phrases:

"To leave a message, press 1."
"Press 1 to leave a message."

I have a list of all the file names and what's in them but there's a bit of
work that needs to be done to document the inflection for each phrase. We
also need to settle on a naming convention. If you are in a position to
assist with this please contact me off list and I will give you more


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